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Social media has changed the way business is done, the way deals are made, and how your product or company is viewed as an entity. Social interactions however have remained the same and the connections that are made every day between companies and their consumers have become essentially more important than ever before.


While the social network has allowed the lone entrepreneur and the multi-national corporation to potentially gain an equal market share of the worldwide audience and unlimited exposure, the human element has been lost. That single point of connection where product and consumer truly unite.

At Big Picture Concepts & Media, we are focused on finding that connection. While we utilize state of the art advertising techniques and cutting edge marketing concepts, we never lose sight of the human element, what really draws the consumer to your brand.

Business Plan

In a post-modern, over saturated world of spam and barrage marketing strategies, we specialize in innovation. By customizing and branding a unique plan tailored to your company and your end consumer. Whether a conglomerate or a tiny start-up looking to make a gigantic splash in a sea of advertising, we will provide your company and/or product with every ounce of marketing experience, passion and creativity that it deserves.

Reaching your maximum demographic, while keeping your customer acquisition costs low and your profit margin at its peak.

Our focus is in forming a symbiotic relationship with your company, as when you choose us.. we choose you.. and our success depends on yours.


This is what we do

Product Branding

With any new company or product, branding is an integral part of its success. The way you brand yourself will directly affect the way the public views your product and your company as a whole.

You need to ask yourself certain key questions:

– How do I want my company or product to be perceived?

– Who is my target market?

– How can I best reach these markets with the budget I have allocated for advertising?

Big Picture Concepts considers themselves experts in the Art of branding. We believe no two products should be branded the same way, using the same old boring techniques. We take your concepts and ideas along with your brand and we spend time with them… Real time. We then cultivate our own ideas and spend more time with those. This is a process we have perfected over many years in our separate industries where what’s fresh one day is stale the next. We will use time honoured methods that we know will work along with new techniques and ideas that no one will see coming. If you are looking for a fresh, young, powerful advertising and branding campaign you have come to the right place. We personally guarantee you will not be disappointed.

We don’t just think outside the box, We recreate it. We are Big Picture Concepts…..

Film, Commercial & Video Production

The BPC Media team in Vancouver boasts some of the most innovative and professional young talent when it comes to your film, commercial and video needs. Our directors and scriptwriters in Vancouver and Toronto share over 20 years of industry experience while keeping a fresh feel and a unique direction on all of our featured projects. We can cater to your ideas and build around them, or come up with our own unique concepts from which our clients can pick and choose from. Our set locators, builders and coordinators work closely with our clients ensuring that their vision is fully realized, with absolutely no compromise.

Website & Logo Design

Our experts create breathtaking sites that are fast, functional, and tailored for search engine performance. We believe websites should be visually appealing, organized, and easy to navigate. Our team of experienced designers cut the clutter and implement the best possible solutions to create the showpiece that is critical to your online success. We at BPC Media know how important it is to create your own identity. We come up with a logo that is tailored to your company that appeals to your target audiences.

But not just that…

Live Video Broadcast

Are you interested in having your event broadcasted to the masses? Big Picture Concepts will make that happen! From single camera interactive web-chats to high-profile multi-camera shows, your event can be broadcasted live throughout the world via internet, PPV or in-house with our large LED screens, fully edited with colour correction and visual graphics. Our clients in Vancouver and Toronto have used our LED screens for Outdoor Marketing Pop-ups, Corporate Conferences, and Fashion Shows, just to name a few.

SEO/SMO Services

Our Search engine optimization (SEO) services in vancouver and Toronto will help you get higher rankings and improve the quality and volume of traffic (free organic traffic) to your website. More traffic, if targeted wisely, translates into more customers and more money for your business. With our SMO service, you have your own personal social media marketing team. We will set up accounts and business pages on all of the top social networking sites and regularly manage all of your social media presence.

Talent Management

If you are an up and coming Actor, Singer, Musician, Stunt Person or Unique Performer we are looking for you! With our Television, film and video demands we are constantly in search of amazing talent that we can showcase in our current productions. Send us your head shots and resumes and we will contact you the next time we need someone like you for a Big Picture Production!

Grass roots marketing

Whether you are working with a large or small budget, (Guerilla) or Grassroots marketing is always a good idea. The inter-personal connection between brand and consumer is essential to spreading brand awareness through word of mouth. Studies have shown that word of mouth and grassroots marketing are an essential part of any successful campaign. Let us help you get your product or company name recognized through our innovative techniques such as projection marketing, promotional teams and vehicle wraps!!

Promo model/street team

Street marketing began with record labels assigning teens the task of hitting the streets to promote up-and-coming bands and shows. Today, street teams are one of the most interactive forms of marketing. With street team marketing you can: Give your brand presence, create dynamic buzz with the general public, and directly engage your target consumer. We are currently looking to add to our list of promotional street team members so contact us and join our team!

Projection Technology

Projection Technology is an innovative way to bring outdoor ad campaigns around the city to life at night. We use state of the art equipment to create live interactive projections and the standard outdoor still projections that produce an attractive visual that will have that long lasting effect on your audience and have them remembering your brand name instantly. These types of ads make it very hard to be overlooked. These ads will stop people in their tracks to watch these interactive visuals all while promoting your brand in the process.

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